End of the Road for Windows 7 Extended Security Support

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer offer extended security support for Windows 7, so now is the time to upgrade.

· Microsoft,Security,Charles Baker
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Windows 7, the adored operating system from 2009 with its vintage Microsoft style, has finally run its course. Businesses still using this version of Windows may need to change their game plan now that extended security support is no longer available, considering that four new versions have been released since then (including Windows 8.1). Talk about wanting your cake and having it too!

Users were given a much-needed lifeline beyond 2021 thanks to Microsoft's Windows 7 Extended Security Update program, which allowed them to maintain their operating systems with crucial security upgrades for an additional three years. No more waiting around now that the grace period is over, and it's time for Microsoft to say goodbye! It appears that this much-needed last-resort choice has now reached its end.

If you're still using Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise editions, it's definitely time to upgrade. The best alternative is to upgrade to Windows 10, but they advise investing your money in a new computer with Windows 11. This is due to Windows 11 being unable to run on older hardware. You can stay safe online and plan for the future with a current-generation PC.

Windows 7 has been officially discontinued by Microsoft and Google. Microsoft will launch the last version of Edge for that OS on January 12; there won't be any further updates or support after that! When Chrome releases Version 110 in February, it will no longer be compatible with Windows 7. Chrome won't follow suit until then. A farewell tour appears to be in order...

As for Windows 8.1, the anticipated End of Service date has finally arrived, biding Microsoft's beloved or reviled OS a fond farewell. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any indication of an ESU program in the near future. However, given that it was never particularly well-liked, perhaps this was to be expected.